How to Make The Best Floating candles


Floating candles used as centerpieces are extremely popular for many couples as they are stylish, tasteful, but especially cheap. With most couples one of the first things they stress about is how their decorations for their wedding reception will cost. With floating candle centerpieces, some of that stress is taken off their shoulders because they are so easy that you can make them yourself and save money. 

Floating candles types 

There are numerous types of floating candles which are ideal for any wedding. The most well-known are white or cream, and are generally round in shape. There are many others that are available, including many types of floating flower candles that would be impeccable in the event that you have an outside wedding. Here you can learn how to make homemade candles When you choose the type of candle that is best for your wedding, make a point to get enough for all your tables and an additional box just in case your visitor list enlarges and you require an extra table. Shape your scented floating candle is also something to consider. There are many shapes and sizes to choose from and you can even mix and match depending on the type of arrangement.

Floating candle bowl 

After purchasing your candles, it will be a good idea to check with your local store for inexpensive bowl for floating candles. Glass fish bowls work great as floating candle bowls because they are large enough to allow you to include beads or flowers to your candle and have plenty of room to float. 

If you wish to use flowers with your floating candles centerpieces, there are some simple ways to do this without making your piece look tacky. The best way is to simply use flower petals in glass bowls. Typically, five or six petals is all that is necessary to cover the bottom of the bowl, then use a white floating candle on top to create a beautiful room. If using whole flowers, make sure your glass bowl is large enough, then fill the bowl with enough water so that the flower will be completely submerged. The flower will look as if it is under the candle as it floats in the bowl. 

When decorating bowl for floating candles or vases with floating candles, consider the following to add and enhance mood of your flaming piece of art:

· Colored sand

· Finished rocks or pebbles

· Grasses

· Sand

· Flowers

· Colored water

Floating candles also come in many shapes and sizes. Do not just limit the floating candle presentation around the candle. Be creative with the candle itself! Consider options of candle shapes from hearts to animal shapes to squares.

If you feel a bit rushed in your quest for a floating candle arrangement some companies offer pre-made floating candle arrangements.